SmartSoundProfiles FAQ

Why does SmartSoundProfiles set the system ringtone to “Silent”?
Because SmartSoundProfiles plays the ringtone itself on incoming calls, you would hear 2 ringtones at once. Therefore the system ringtone is turned off.


HTC Sense: In silent mode there is no ringer or SMS sound for contacts on the exception list
Older versions of HTC Sense supress the alarm stream completely in silent mode. SmartSoundProfiles uses the alarm stream to play ringtones. Go to the alarm clock app and set the option “Play alarm even when in silent mode”. This should help.


How do I stop a (long) SMS or notification sound?
Use the vol- hardware button. You have to turn on the screen first.


The notification tone differs from the notification tone I selected in SmartSoundProfiles. Why?
You have defined individual ringtones for in the apps (email, Whatsapp etc.). Go to the app and select the “Default ringtone”.


Why can’t I activate the ringer vibration mode?
Android 4 ALWAYS vibrates on calls or SMS in vibration mode – the virbration cannot be controlled by SmartSoundProfiles. Therefore this mode is suppress by SmartSoundProfiles in the default profile mode. It directly activates silent mode instead. For vibration profiles please use the “Vibrate only” profile mode (see further details in the context help in profile settings).


I can hear 2 sounds on new SMS
Please turn off the sound in your SMS app (select “Silent” or “None”). Turn off vibration, too.


Android 4.3 and above: I can hear 2 sounds on notifications (e.g. email, Whatsapp)
If you configure your own settings for notifications of apps, you have to turn off the sound (and vibration) in the respective app.


SMS sound does not work with an alternative SMS app
Some alternative SMS apps cancel the system broadcast on incoming SMS after receiving. So SmartSoundProfiles doesn’t get notified about the new SMS. Try to find an option in the settings of the SMS app like “Cancel broadcast” and uncheck it.


Android 4.3 and Hangouts used as SMS app: SMS sound does not work
Hangouts cancels the broadcast after receiving the SMS, SmartSoundProfiles doesn’t get notified about the SMS. Use the old stock SMS app, there are no such problems with it. Turn off the option “Use as SMS app” in Hangouts.


Android 4.1 and above: Why there are no setting for the system volume?
Since Android 4.1 the system volume is bound to the ringer and notification volume. There is no way araound this restriction at the moment, so the setting for the system volume had to be removed for users of 4.1


Android 4.1 and above: Why does my phone vibrate when ringing even if the vibration is turned off in SmartSoundProfiles?
Please go to the system settings and turn off the option “Vibrate when ringing” on the “Sound” tab.