Smart WiFi Selector

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Smart WiFi Selector – always connected to the best WiFi!

You know the problem: although a strong WiFi signal is available nearby, your device is keeping the connection to a much weaker, more distant WiFi network. You have to disable and reenable WiFi on your device to force the connection to the best WiFi. Smart WiFi Selector puts an end to this situation!

Advantages over other WiFi Switcher apps:

  • Smart WiFi Selector uses the (selectable) difference in signal strenght to decide when to switch to another WiFi The connection to the new WiFi will happen if the signal is e.g. 20% stronger than the current signal. This eliminates the constant switching – and, with this, constant signal interruption – in the overlapping area of 2 WiFi networks.
  • Selectable scan interval for the search for the best WiFi
  • Different scan interval for “screen off” possible. In most cases, a bigger interval – which saves battery – will suffice when the screen is turned off
  • It’s possible to exclude specific WiFi networks from scan
  • Instant scan when the screen gets switched on
  • Sleep mode with own scan intervals to save battery. The sleep mode can either be triggered by time or by the connection to specific WiFi networks. For example, if there are multiple WiFi networks at work, but only a single network at home, you may want to put your home network on the sleep mode list. As soon as you leave your home network, Smart WiFi Selector will enter the normal work mode.
  • It’s possible to completely stop the network scan in sleep mode and/or when screen is turned off => maximum power saving

Because of all these benefits, Smart WiFi Selector is the most flexible and most battery-saving WiFi switcher-app in PlayStore!


You may want to test the free trial, SmartWiFiSelector Trial, before buying. The trial has full functionality, but will expire after 7 days.

Smart WiFi Selector – best WiFi auto connect

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  1. Ed says:

    How do I avoid that this app connects to a wifi network I do not want to connect to, in spite of the fact it has the strongest signal ?

    Thanks for your support.

    • wordpressadmin says:


      add the network to the list of “Excluded WiFis”. The app will skip them, but be aware: the Android system may still connect to these networks.

      Alexander Tartar

  2. Carlos says:

    Alexander. I just wanted to congratulate you on your work in this app. I have installed it on 3 devices and it works perfectly. I copy the review here on Goggle. I hope it helps you. Thank you for your work. It is one of the best APP that I have installed
    Trust me. I have tested ALL the wifi switches available today. Including the most “popular” if you do a Google search. Only this one really works well on Android 10 (Samsung A50), Android 9 (Aquaris X) and Samsung Tablet. Others freeze or just don’t work. You can install the trial version (full features up to 7 days) and try it yourself. Easy to use, easy to configure, the app runs in the foreground (not in the background like many other APPS). It has a very useful widget to manually control the application. I have four WIFI at home (two 2.4G and two 5G) through the TPLINK PLC extenders. The application automatically switches between them according to your preferences. Top 10. Please, Alexander, keep the app updated! Thank you for your work!

    • wordpressadmin says:


      thank you very much, also for the great review on GooglePlay!

      Alexander Tartar

  3. Lior says:

    Nice app, great idea!
    Will you agree to add a feature of “Prefer 2.4 GHz WiFis”? It shouldn’t be too hard since you already have a similar 5 Ghz option, right?

    It’s badly needed in order to connect devices like Roomba which still use only 2.4 but need a mobile device middleman for the setup. Therefore “If you are using a 2.4/5 GHz mixed network, make sure your mobile device is connected to a 2.4 GHz network…If your device is automatically switching back to the 5 GHz network during setup, your mobile device may need to forget the 5 GHz network. You can rejoin the network after setup.”

  4. William Powell says:

    Can this app be used to force connection to 2.4GHz network for setting up IoT devices for smart home use? Currently I have to disable 5GHz network in my router when adding new bulbs and other devices. This requires a router hack, and a router reboot (x 2) which disrupts other users in the home.

    • wordpressadmin says:

      No, not in the current version. You can prefer (not force) 5 GHz networks, but not 2.4 GHz networks.

  5. Tom Donofrio says:

    how much does the app cost sfter the trial is over?

    • wordpressadmin says:


      the paid version is an independent app. The price is about $2.6, but it variates with country/region. Please look for “SmartWiFiSelector” in Google Play to find out the local price in your currency.

      Best regards
      Alexander Tartar

  6. Rakini says:

    Please bring periodic scan to 10sec also please i need that update

    • wordpressadmin says:

      Sorry but 30 sec are the lowest possible interval. More frequent scans are blocked by the system.

  7. Игорь says:

    the application writes: “Not connected” (WIFI network
    – connected). What does this mean?

    • wordpressadmin says:

      “Not connected” indicates that the loacation permission in the background is missing. Without the permission the app isn’t allowed to receive any information about the current connected network. Therefore this message is displayed.

  8. Jason says:

    Hi, I am finding the app does not work, just says Not Connected, I have followed all the instructions. Any ideas?

    • wordpressadmin says:

      “Not connected” indicates that the loacation permission in the background is missing. Without the permission the app isn’t allowed to receive any information about the current connected network. Therefore this message is displayed.
      Goto system settings/Apps/SmartWifiSelector/Permissions/Location and set it to “Always”, then it will work.

  9. Jason says:

    Thanks, added Location and its now working! Thanks for the quick response, I just realised that the post before asked the same question!

  10. Dan Dinica says:

    Hi, I intend to buy this application, now I am in the trial period, but is something I do not like , why I must have all the time the location activated, I do not want some applications to have the information about my position . There is any possibility to use the software without this permission to read the position of my device ? It is not paranoia but really I do not want everybody to know where am I, and also to drain useless the battery…!! Thanks

    • wordpressadmin says:

      Unfortunately no chance. Without location permission and active location service the app doesn’t get any information about the currently connected network. It’ the current Google policy. Without knowing the SSID and signal strength of the currently connection, the app cannot work.

      But I don’t see the danger of “everybody knowing where you are”. Just disable the Google location history. That will also prevent additional battery drain. And when a third party app is actually using location access, you will see it by location icon in the notification bar.

      Nevertheless, basically I understand you point. Personally I find that Google policy very annyoing.

      • Dan Dinica says:

        Thank you for the detailed answer;sometimes in life you have to accept things that bother you but that is, everything has a price.

        • Dan Dinica says:

          Hi again,

          Please can you develop better the option : app-own WiFi’s…? I do not understand what this represent and how to use; I use now a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra with Android 11 and UI3.1, so probably it is an option good to use . Also what about Internet container who is the only network I can see when I try to add new one WiFi network to the list ?

          • wordpressadmin says:

            Please read the corresponding help (tap on the ‘?’ beside the app-own-WiFis option). It’s all explained there. I cannot explain it any better here. For Android 11 you will defenitely need app-own networks to make the app work.

  11. Bom dia!

    comprei esse app e ele é muito bom.
    gostaria de saber se ele tem em versão português?

    Assim ficaria mais facil para eu manusear ele melhor.

  12. michael branton says:

    Thanks for writing this! I tried the 7-day demo version (great idea to offer this!), and it worked perfectly, so I bought the full version. Very happy with it!

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