Mobile Apps for Android and iOS

The importance of mobile apps is still growing. More and more companies put on these solutions in order to increase their presence at the customer.

I offer the cration of apps for the 2 most important and most used platforms: Android and iOS.

Below you will find some of my projects.



Autokosten Komplett

CarCostsComplete for Android

The app for the cost-conscious motorists.
Sold in Google Play Store.


Smart WiFi Selector

Always connects to the best WiFi network.
Available in Google Play Store.


Smoothies Tapas
Go Veggie Italian Cooking


Smoothies, Tapas, Go Veggie, Italian Cooking

Recipes from around the world, beautifully prepared by highly professional photos (© Günter Beer)

The app has been developed for Buenavista Studio s.l. from Garraf/Spain and is distributed by them in PlayStore.


Autokosten Komplett für iOS

CarCostsComplete for iOS

The app for the cost-conscious motorists for iPhone/iPad